Sunday School is held each Sunday from 9:30am - 10:30am for children 2 years old - 6th grade.  We have a warm, energetic environment where learning God's Word is both challenging and fun for children 2 years old - 6th grade. 

2 Years Old - Kindergarten

Curriculum:  Group’s Play-N-Worship


Kids discover Bible truths through planned play.  Each Bible story contains: 

  • An involved story trifold with pictures they will love
  • A music video to reinforce the Bible point
  • 5 specific play ideas that reinforce the Bible story
  • A learning strategy that ensure your kids really learn and remember that God loves them! 

1st - 6th Grade

Curriculum:  Group’s Buzz


Kids experience Bible truths in ways they enjoy and understand.  Buzz is an interactive experience!  Kids will learn in whatever way fits their style – whether that’s reading, acting, drawing, listening, singing, playing a game, and more.  As they dig into the Bible with creative activities, they’ll soak up life-changing lessons that’ll really stick.  


Asha Fuller, Children's Pastor